2020 TOP trends in HR – What the Future Ep. 21

On the eve of the New Year we reveal top HR trends of a fast-paced, digitally-driven environment to face the upcoming challenges.

Market performance VS Future orientation – What the Future Ep. 20

Is it true that future-oriented firms possess higher stock prices than firms with a lesser focus on skills? Plus, what are the strategic skills trend areas and how can the future-oriented skills be translated into better market performance? You find the answers in our 3 min WTF Vlog!

Modern Hierarchies & Encouragements – What the Future Ep. 19

Modern corporate hierarchy: a leaders’ manual or How does it affect YOU? The best solution is not to abolish, but to make the hierarchy agile. How? Watch in our new episode of WTF!

HR Policy vs. Brexit – What the Future Ep. 18

HR policy vs Brexit: how can people analytics help to solve the skill shortage caused by Brexit? Find out in this episode.

Fusion skills – What the Future Ep. 14

In this episode of WTF we talk about ‘fusion skills’ – the skills that are at the interface of humans and machines.

HR and its impact on the market price of the company – What the future Ep. 13

Based on our analysis we explain in this episode, how HR can influence the performance and value of the company.

Mandatory time tracking vs ‘New Work’ – What the Future – Ep. 12 (DE)

Time tracking for companies: is it a step backwards or still topical? We explain the topic with the expert for labor law Christian Vetter.

Business restructuring in time of COVID-19 | Dr. Gunnar Binnewies — What the Future Ep. 43 (DE)

Dr. Gunnar Binnewies, Head of Workforce Restructuring and Head of Corona Crisis Center at goetzpartners Management Consultants joins HRForecast to discuss business restructuring during COVID-19.

Design Thinking in HR – What the Future Ep. 41

Design thinking is a creative technique that can be useful in an HR field just like in other fields. In this vlog, we discover 6 approaches to developing a problem-solving mindset.