Rethinking location decisions – What the Future Ep. 31

Guess what – HR can also play the key role in a location decision of your organization. In this vlog, we’ll uncover 4 steps to making data-driven location decisions.

Ukraine: Hidden gem of the labor world – What the Future Ep. 30

What do you know about the Ukrainian labor market? In fact, this country can impress you with their workforce. In this vlog, we’ll figure out competitive advantages of Ukrainian labor market.

Covid-19 Labor Market Summary – What the Future Ep. 29

In this episode, we provide a summary of how the lockdown has affected recruiting, changes in a labor market in 2020, and how strongly COVID-19 has influenced the job requirements.

How will the Future of work look like? – What the Future Ep. 28

In this episode, we’re discussing an inspiring interview with Erik Brynjolfsson for about the future of work.

Covid-19: New chances for your business and HR?- What the Future Ep. 27

COVID-19 may bring some positive changes to our work. In a new episode of our WTF vlog, we’ll learn about importance of new skills & connection of knowledge, workforce planning, and critical employee roles.

Hygge lifestyle in your company – What the Future Ep. 26

Hygge isn’t about personal wellbeing. Hygge can be a part of your corporate culture too. In this vlog, we’ll figure out how to build trustful and cozy atmosphere at your organization.

Blockchain in HR? – What the Future Ep. 25

Blockchain impacts all spheres, including HR. In this episode, we’ll review blockchain use cases in HR, payroll management, and recruitment.

Germany and A.I.? – What the future Ep. 3

How major companies in Germany and other countries are handling the challenge of embracing A.I.? Find out in this WTF Vlog episode.

Story of HRForecast – What the future Ep. 2

HRForecast founders Christian and Florian tell the story of the company. What difficulties did they face and overcome? Watch the episode to find out!!