HR trends for 2022 and beyond – What the Future Ep. 45

Here’s a brief recap on the hottest HR trends for 2021 and beyond: focus on mental health, upskilling, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Top hard skills 2022 – What the Future Ep. 42

What are hard skills in demand for 2021? We uncover 10 skills that you should master to get a competitive edge on a labor market.

Talk with Partha Neog: Driving Authentic Impactful Recognition at the Workplace using AIRe Framework

Partha Neog joined us to talk about the concept of employee recognition and the AIRe framework that makes it easier to appreciate your employees.

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How does big data help to find the skills of the future? Listen to the new episode of the KPMG Digital Hub podcast to find out.

Cyber security

In this episode we’re taking an outlook of how cyber security will influence the current and future jobs and the way we work.

Storytelling in people analytics – What the Future Ep. 36

People analytics powered by storytelling is much more effective than you could think! In our new vlog episode, we uncover how to bring storytelling to such accurate and precise field as people analytics.

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Top 5 soft skills – What the Future Ep. 40

In this episode, we talk about 5 skills that would make you or your employees future-oriented and how HR can support their employees to acquire these skills.

Active HR restructuring | Dr. Gunnar Binnewies

In this episode, Dr. Gunnar Binnewies joins Christian Vetter to discuss HR and business transformation due to COVID-19.