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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

LMS (Learning management system)

What is an LMS (Learning management system)?

LMS (Learning management system) is a digital learning environment that manages all aspects of a company’s various training efforts.

What are the benefits of LMS (Learning management system)?

Benefits of a learning management system include:

  • It makes learning easily accessible as it uploaded on a remote cloud-based server
  • Provides unlimited access to e-learning materials
  • Consolidates all training information into one place so users can conveniently access them.
  • Reduces learning costs that would be incurred through traditional classroom training.
  • It provides the functionality to collaborate with other users during the learning process.
  • Enables easy-track compliance with mandatory training.

What is the biggest drawback of LMS (learning management system)?

A massive drawback to having a learning management system is that the organization will need coding and IT skills to customize the platform to suit its training needs. In addition, it might not be easy, as many systems require actual backend coding to be able to control the user experience.

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