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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

People analytics

What is people analytics?

People analytics includes collecting employee-related data and then analyzing it to improve the future talent pool to achieve successful business outcomes.

What is the use of People analytics in recruitment?

As talent is scarce, there is much competition among the companies to get the best workforce. A streamlined recruitment process will save the organization from losing a talented workforce and gaining the expertise of more such people in the long run. Organizations can make use of people analytics for finding the best practices in sourcing the right kind of candidates, evaluating their candidature, and selecting the most appropriate candidates for the organization.

How can people analytics be used to enhance employee performance?

Rewards and recognition play an essential role in motivating the employees and helping them achieve a good level of job satisfaction so that they can feel responsible and accountable for the jobs that they are doing. However, it sometimes becomes difficult for the HR manager to find out what kind of rewards could be given to the employees and at which particular instance. People analytics can also be advantageous for managers where, with the help of pre-existing data, recommendations can be made regarding what rewards an employee must get and when they should receive the same. The rewards can be given after the employees have reached a certain level of performance efficiency. Thus, people analytics could help leverage human resource data to evaluate the performances of individuals and their commitment levels and suggest mechanisms that would help improve the performances.

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