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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.


What is off-boarding?

It is the formal process of separating an employee after termination, resignation, or any other reason. It involves a thorough knowledge exchange process to promote a smooth transition of a new employee into the soon-to-be-vacant position.

What is included in the offboarding process?

The HR department should include the below components in the offboarding process to make it a success:

Exit interview
Employee offboarding checklist
Ensuring all the knowledge about the job role has been noted down.
The process of gathering company assets, including credit cards and laptops

What are the risks involved when there is an offboarding process?

Many problems can crop up if proper offboarding is not conducted. This stands especially true if a key employee is leaving the organization. It could lead to communication problems as the employee may be busy with his new work and will not be able to give proper feedback on his previous job. Also, the company can lose vital information and knowledge if it is not jotted down or passed to the new employee.

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