COVID-19: Impacts on the labor market. Picture of doom

A unique, full of data and visual insights blogpost about how the labor market has been impacted by COVID-19. An outlook of the pre-Covid and post-Covid times and recovery scenarios across the geos and industries.

Storytelling in people analytics – What the Future Ep. 36

People analytics powered by storytelling is much more effective than you could think! In our new vlog episode, we uncover how to bring storytelling to such accurate and precise field as people analytics.

How to write better job descriptions – What the Future Ep. 39

In this episode of a WTF vlog, Ahsan Shahid shares several best practices of writing job descriptions that capture attention of the right candidates. Tune in!

Crisis management during COVID-19: critical workforce issues

In our new post, we talk about crisis management during COVID-19 and in post-COVID times. Sneak peak: HR plays critical role in a crisis management plan!

Weird job titles in HR: An overview

Do you ever get bepuzzled by fancy job titles that don’t say anything specific about a job role? We’ve been there too! In this post, we talk about meaningless jobs and their impact on HR.

COVID-19: Recession types, recovery scenarios, and behavior change

COVID-19 inevitably brings us recession and changes in workflows. What recovery scenarios and behavior changes will be there? Let’s find out in our new post!

The HRForecast Getaway 2019 Think. Learn. Create

The biggest HRForecast Getaway and the 5th anniversary! 50+ participants — the entire HRForecast team from Bremen, Munich and Kyiv got together to participate in 3-days nonstop strategical session and retreat.

Business value and benefits of workforce planning solutions

Strategic workforce planning is vital for better talent management. What specific benefits of workforce planning can enterprises leverage?

Solid, fluid or airy: types of business ecosystems for 21st century

Types of business ecosystems define their values and a corporate culture. In this post, we uncover three key types you can follow.

WFH: Work from home culture

Do you know about the WFH types and how to make your home office a productive workspace? In our new article, we share some tips to becoming a WFH pro.

Benefits of workforce planning – What the Future Ep. 46

In this episode, we talk about benefits of workforce planning long-term HR goals, fulfillment of KPIs, and helping your employees potential to the fullest.