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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Scenario planning

What is scenario planning?

Scenario planning is the process of planning an organization’s long-term goals to prepare for uncertainty, volatility, and unpredictability.

Why is scenario planning important?

Scenario planning has several key strengths:

  • By rehearsing responses to possible future occurrences, organizations become more agile in responding to change.
  • Considering multiple futures can help to expose assumptions and reveal unacknowledged possibilities.
  • In volatile environments, scenario planning techniques help to provide solutions that can lead to more than one outcome.
  • Scenario planning techniques focus on factors that act as drivers of change and permit the identification of early indicators of the direction in which a situation is evolving.

How does scenario planning help the HR department?

Scenario planning helps HR leaders consider how future conditions can affect the organization, assess complex problems that may arise in the workforce, and develop plans to overcome them.

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