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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Data-driven recruiting 

What is data-driven recruiting?

Data-driven recruiting is the of use tangible facts and statistics to make hiring decisions, from selecting candidates to creating hiring plans.

What role does data-driven recruiting play in talent acquisition?

Data-driven recruiting benefits talent acquisition by:

  • Reducing bias in the talent selection process
  • Increasing diversity in the recruiting funnel
  • Optimizing recruiting processes like time to fill
  • Improving the quality of hires

How does data-driven recruiting improve the quality of hires?

A data-driven recruiting model provides accurate insights into prospective candidates through assessments, personality testing, skills competency tests, and other techniques. Data-driven recruiting can help HR managers make hiring decisions by showing variables that may not be made known during face-to-face interviews or by reading resumes.

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