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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Knowledge sharing  

What is knowledge sharing?

Knowledge sharing is an HR practice of exchanging information within teams, among departments, and at a company-wide level.

What is the purpose of knowledge sharing?

Several organizations in different industries face challenges regarding workforce diversity, aging of the potential workforce, generational differences, and retaining existing knowledge in the era of skills shortages. In addition, because of resignations, layoffs, retirement, or relocation, organizations lose their inherent knowledge. The ultimate purpose of any knowledge-sharing process is preserving required and valuable knowledge in a way that might be beneficial and be considered as future assets.

What is the role of HR in knowledge sharing?

One of the most significant challenges of HR in knowledge sharing is to find ways of organizing the vast number of resources and deriving value from each resource. HR managers need to use various platforms to encourage people to share their insights and thoughts, which are valuable company assets. HR leaders should focus on supporting knowledge sharing between individuals and use different kinds of technologies like weblogs and wikis to support knowledge sharing goals.

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