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Enrich career journeys

Link career growth of your employees to organizational priorities

Future-proof your employees’ career paths with data-driven insights, unveil skills gaps in your workforce, and take the next steps in improving your talent marketplace.


What’s new with career pathing?

Our smartPeople talent marketplace platform has received a significant update with a career development feature. Now you can power up your workforce transparency and improve your employees’ experience with specific development paths and career journeys.

Develop career paths between different jobs

Build long-term interactions with your workforce. Help employees develop their careers in your organization and identify opportunities that will help them upskill, reskill, and cross-skill. Career pathing by HRForecast allows your employees to explore different career journeys and plan their desired future.

Be transparent and focus on the required skills

Employees want to know the skills required for particular positions to develop their careers. Career pathing allows you to pinpoint required skills and provide visibility into priority projects, with courses and development programs to chart their way forward in your business.

Increase employee engagement and internal talent mobility

Does your team frequently need to be agile and adapt its skills by working on iterations and mini projects? The career pathing mentoring approach creates holistic matches that consider skills, career aspirations, and development goals. As a result, employees create lasting bonds within your organization.

We’re constantly upgrading our solutions for building career journeys

Check out our tools and the benefits for your HR workflow.