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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.


What is a workforce?

It is the total number of employees that work in an organization.

What are the strategies involved in workforce planning?

Workforce planning strategies include:

  • Clear job descriptions and redefining those that need to be updated
  • Monetary and non-monetary compensations, salaries, awards
  • Employee development for specific positions
  • Recruitment/selection strategies to find and hire the right candidates
  • Employee retention strategies
  • Succession planning
  • Knowledge transfer strategies and management

How can HR leaders promote a healthy workforce?

Below are a few strategies that HR leaders can adopt to ensure a healthy workforce:

1. Enhance flexibility around working hours and encourage employee participation, reducing other known risk factors and ensuring the physical work environment is safe

2. Build a psychosocial safety climate, implement anti-bullying policies, enhance organizational justice, promote team-based interventions, provide manager and leadership training, and manage change effectively

3. Provide resilience training and stress management which utilizes evidence-based techniques, coaching and mentoring, and worksite physical activity programs

4. Consider conducting wellbeing checks, although these are likely to be of most use in high-risk groups and should only be done when detailed post-screening procedures are in place; use Employee Assistance Programs that utilize experienced staff and evidence-based methods and peer support schemes

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