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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Workforce Intelligence 

What is workforce intelligence? 

It’s a set of practices to provide a comprehensive view of the workforce, projects in the pipeline, and the intended organizational growth. Data from workforce intelligence helps deliver an optimal workforce strategy by offering actionable insights into the current and future workforce needs and demands.

What is the first step towards workforce intelligence?

The first step is to acquire details and data that cover detailed profiles of individuals who make up their workforce, such as skills, experience, qualifications, work location, etc. Each records their time and attendance, holidays, absenteeism, and importantly what they worked on, when they worked on it and what they did.

Does workforce intelligence only need workforce-related data?

It is also valuable to maximize the scope of Workforce Intelligence beyond just the workforce data repository. Integrating data between other operating systems such as enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, or customer relationship management can yield valuable insight. There is potentially a strong correlation between the activities recorded in these operating systems and the workforce activities; including them in the Workforce Intelligence process is vital.

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