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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Supply planning 

What is supply planning in HR?

It is the development of specific skills and high adaptability to ensure that the employees in the organization have the needed level of responsiveness and adaptability.

What does supply planning in HR consist of?

Supply planning in HR refers to any rational and planned approach for ensuring:

1. The recruitment of sufficient and suitable staff

2. Their retention in the organization

3. The optimal utilization of staff

4. The improvement of staff performance

5. The disengagement of staff, as necessary

How does supply planning help the organization?

Supply planning entails determining control, direction, and methods of accomplishing the overall business objective. It enables an organization to affect rather than accept the future. By setting objectives and charting a course of action, the organization commits itself to make it happen. It is such commitment that allows the organization to affect the future. Without a planned course of action, the organization is much more likely to sit back and let things happen and then react to such happenings in a crisis mode.

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