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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Skills transformation

What is skills transformation?

Skills transformation is the process of upskilling, reskilling, and other activities that involve quality changes in workforce skillsets.

What are the steps for skills transformation?

The key steps in transforming employees’ skills include:

  1. Finding out the skill areas that need to be transformed based on the organization’s goals
  2. Conducting a skills assessment to check currently available skills
  3. Encouraging employee participation in skills development programs

How does skills transformation benefit HR?

HR professionals are important in filling positions with the right people for the organization. There is a revolutionary shift from manual HR processes to digital or automated processes to advance the HR profession.

  1. Upskilling for automation processes — AI tools has aided human resource professionals in maintaining a database of former employees and easily identifying qualified candidates. This digital shift helps employees to onboard smoothly and minimizes administrative work.
  2. Employee satisfaction — When automation of processes is promoted in the HR department through feedback questionnaires and recognition programs, it helps HR leaders to evaluate employee engagement, achievement, and purpose.
  3. Consistent in tasks — Using smart technology, many HR processes can be automated, adding benefits of improvement and accuracy to administrative tasks, screening candidates, or scheduling interviews.

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