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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Skills gap

What are skills gaps?

A skills gap is a lack of specific skills required to perform work tasks.

What factors contribute to skills gaps?

Many factors contribute to skills gaps, including a lack of education or training in skills needed, the global COVID-19 pandemic, increasing numbers of employees leaving jobs in some industries, changing technology, retirement, and a loss of knowledge when employees leave.

What resources and strategies are required to help bridge the skills gap?

To bridge the skills gap, HR leaders must continue integrating new technology, digital platforms, and accessible content that can be personalized for each team member concerning their growth and development of new skills. Strategies must focus on:

• Finding the right combination of training methods so employees are offered more than one way to learn

• Training leaders on how to coach employees to guide them in their careers as well as help team members think differently about their careers and how to steer them going forward

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