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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

PTO (Paid Time Off) 

What is PTO (Paid Time Off)?

Paid time off, or PTO is an employee leave policy under which the company sanctions a pool of leaves for its employees for which there will be no loss of pay. PTO leave means the employees will get paid, even when they are away from work for a specific period.

What is the purpose of offering employees PTO (Paid Time Off)?

PTO (Paid Time Off) policies offer employees more flexibility and freedom to choose when to utilize paid time off and for what circumstances. It also allows employees to take full advantage of their paid time off.

What is the purpose of PTO (Paid Time Off) for employers?

PTO (Paid Time Off) is often used as a selling point for recruiting or retaining employees since the flexibility of a PTO bank can be attractive to employees.

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