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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Organization model

What is an organization model?

An organizational model is a chart that lays down clear information on the job roles, hierarchy, and how the jobs are interconnected.

What are the elements to consider in an organizational model?

The essential elements to consider in an organizational model are:

  • The organizational chart with clear job descriptions and precise definitions of departments’ relationships with each other.
  • How various tasks and activities are assigned to different people and departments.
  • How various activities and tasks are coordinated.
  • The authorities within the organization.
  • The planned policies, methods, and controls direct the activities and relationships.
  • The flow of information and communication.
  • The identification of future manpower needs in the organization

How can HR leaders identify future workforce requirements for an organizational model?

As identifying future workforce requirements is an essential part of the organizational model, HR leaders must figure out the below three aspects:

  • The current and intended growth in the short and long term
  • The departments that need more manpower in the future and those that will be obsolete.
  • The areas of the organization where work will be automated.

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