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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

HXM (Human Experience Management)

What is HXM (Human Experience Management)?

HXM, or human experience management, believes that fostering a safe, healthy, and encouraging environment is the key to improving team members’ work lives while maximizing business outcomes.

How do HXM (Human experience management) tools benefit the organization?

HXM (Human experience management) tools enable coordination, administration, and tracking, increasing effectiveness and minimizing the business’s cost. In addition, it enables the organization to measure the impact of development programs on employee performance and productivity.

What is the role of HXM (Human experience management) in managing remote work?

HXM (Human experience management) via modern technology provides a layout for remote workers to engage and interact with their teams. Having an HXM (Human experience management) in place offers opportunities to engage and connect with the workforce, which is necessary to create stronger bonds in a virtual or remote work environment.

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