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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

HR tech solutions

What are HR tech solutions?

These include software, digital platforms, tools, and cloud-based technologies that securely store data, automate day-to-day processes, and provide analytical tools that allow HR managers to make more strategic decisions.

Why are HR tech solutions important?

Automation is employed in every area of the HR function to help the HR department make faster decisions on talent acquisition, employee payroll, and compensation.

What are the benefits of using automated HR tech solutions?

Several significant benefits of adopting HR-related technology solutions have been eminent, such as in terms of recruitment, support in the workplace, and employee learning. An unfilled position can cost an organization productivity and profits. An applicant tracking system can help to fill positions by getting jobs posted, sourcing candidates, and directing the interview process. Moreover, after onboarding, a tracking system can let HR leaders organize training in just a few clicks for new employees.

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