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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Future jobs

What are future jobs?

Future jobs are those that will gain importance or emerge in the future.

How can HR leaders prepare for future jobs?

As business strategies and teams grow more agile to keep pace with frequent changes in future job roles, HR leaders must adapt to new technology, including by providing employees with more user-friendly and efficient experiences. HR leaders should therefore revise their priorities and inspire workers and employees to communicate, collaborate, solve problems, deepen engagement, and spur productivity. In addition, HR leaders must further equip leaders of other departments to manage remote teams over the long haul, preserve the company culture with a more distributed workforce, and engage workers in a cost-constrained environment.

What are the trends that impact future jobs?

By following trends, organizations can make better, more informed decisions that impact employees’ future jobs. Below are key trends that help us clearly understand to clearly understand what is impacting the world of work:

  • Requirement of technology skills in every job description
  • Mismatches between skills and talents
  • Greater demand for soft skills than hard skills
  • Rise of the gig economy
  • Emergence of new jobs due to technological advances

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