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HR Glossary

HR terms frequently used by HR professionals.

Behavioral competency 

What is behavioral competency?

Behavioral competency can be explained as the sum of traits, abilities, and motivations needed to deliver efficient job performance in an organization.

What are the benefits of behavioral competency?

Behavioral competency allows employers to:

  • Identify and assess the skills and abilities of their employees
  • Identify training and development needs
  • Create performance goals and objectives
  • Identify potential leaders and develop succession plans
  • Evaluate employee performance, and provide feedback to employees.

How do you build behavioral competency?

There are several ways to build behavioral competency in employees. One way is to provide training and development opportunities focusing on behavioral skills. This can include workshops and seminars that teach employees how to deal with difficult situations, be assertive, and manage their time effectively.

Another way to build behavioral competency is to provide feedback and coaching that focuses on behavioral issues. This can help employees to understand how their behavior is impacting their work, and it can help them to develop the skills they need to improve their performance.

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